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shame is good for you.
07 July 2005 @ 02:40 am
So I learned how to knit last night. And I now I am a fiend. Knitting is so incredibly relaxing, etc.

I finished the ball of yarn Mary gave me last night and made a very fine... potholder? Of course, there are holes in it and I am amazing because I started with 16 stitches and ended up with 31. Go figure. So its a wavy potholder. An ugly, big, holey, lopsided potholder. Here you go Mum, Merry Christmas, Love Rachel.

Anyways today I finished that ball of yarn and I was chomping at the bit. I needed more knitting! Damnit! I could have ripped out my sad potholder and started over, but I wanted to keep that piece of shit so I can say, this was my first knitting experience and it was a damn fine one.

So my mom is like, I think Gram has knitting stuff in a box downstairs. My mom shows me the box and there are 20 million different needles and 20 balls of yarn. So I pick out some needles and the ugly ball of yarn I can find.

Seriously folks. It reminds me so much of old women and craft fairs. Its bold and many colors and just... purely amazing. Anyways, I get this shit together, teach myself to cast on and start knitting away.

I've knitted for awhile.

Its not really a scarf, its kind of big and one in which a rainbow collected all of its puke and spewed all over it. And its too big for the needles, length wise (because Im known to add stitches now. I went from 16 to 31... and for this I started with 62. So that sucker probably has doubled already) and I think the yarn is too thin for the needles too.

It is so goddamn fugly. I just want to use the entire ball of yarn and make this thing a fuckin table runner. I want to roll it up and then roll it out for my wedding when I walk down the aisle. Maybe I'll even make my wedding dress out of this shit. Hell yes. Who wants to marry me now? I know you do.

Even my mom was like... wow, it reminds me of walking into my aunt Flo's house in Northern Wisconsin in the 70's, in which all she did was knit the most disgusting things because thats all she could do in the cold cold winters.

So I shall be like great aunt Flo.. knitting ugly ugly table runners all winter long.

I felt like an old lady too because since Sunday my back had been KILLING me. Seriously. I siked myself out and told myself that I had a tumor and it was pressing against my back because for real I couldn't stand straight or walk or sleep or do anything. Its much better today, it just hurts a little. This bitch hurt more than when I fell off the ladder awhile ago. Thank God today it feels better and I can actually move around without thinking I'm going to fall over.

Tonight was Caro's. Mucho fun. Zach, I'm sorry Jordan was hitting on you. Actually I'm not. Grow the damn hair back.

Definitely almost 3 in the morning and I have to get up tomorrow and wash the car. Anyone who wants to help me wash the car and/or wants to wash their own car with the materials I provide is welcome. 11:30. My house. Give me a call.

And then go to Summerfest to get my wristband at like 1. And then sit around until I meet up with Zach etc. Then wait until 10 for the motherfuckin Death Cab concert.

Hell fucking yeah. I will be in the thick of things, as close as possible.

I am so excited, you have no idea.

Big sigh. I should go to bed. I need some quality sleep now that I'm not in constant pain.

Actually, what I really need is my motherfuckin iPod. Hint hint anyone? Kthanks. Now that I've made that painfully clear the last.. oh week? Kthanks. Drop my shit off or have me pick it up and that's what I call "I'M DONE WITH YOU."

Th-th-thats all folks!